The Reason Why You’ve Applied to Hundreds of Jobs and Gotten Zero Responses

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When job searching, many people take the approach of casting a wide net.

They apply to a variety of different types of roles at a variety of different types of organizations. Hours and hours of their time are spent applying to hundreds of different job openings.

Their assumption is that if they apply to a large number of openings, that their opportunity of getting selected to interview increases.

Up the number of applications and that will obviously up the number of interviews that you’re getting, right??


Many job seekers end up completely baffled that they have applied to so many roles and have gotten absolutely ZERO responses. How could this be possible??

I would argue that this strategy of casting a wide net is exactly why your job search isn’t working.

The problem with this strategy is that you are not specializing your documents, your knowledge, or your connections in any...

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Realizing My Dream Job… Wasn’t Actually My Dream Job

How did I get this whole choosing a career thing so wrong…?

It was about 7 years ago that I landed my dream job.

I had just moved away from home, to a new state, to start my brand new, big girl career as a Retail Analyst at one of the largest retailers in the world!

I was really thrilled about my new career because I had worked so hard for this in school and I absolutely could not wait to get started.

I was determined to be the best analyst they had ever seen, to climb the corporate career ladder, make a ton of money, and be super happy in my life.

That was my dream!

But what ended up happening… didn’t exactly go according to my plan.

Once I began my new job, I slowly started to discover that I wasn’t good at it.

It involved a lot more work with numbers than I had anticipated and this was definitely a weak point of mine. I’ve never been good at math or numbers for my whole life!

And so I watched as my peers were catching on to the work...

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