Realizing My Dream Job… Wasn’t Actually My Dream Job

How did I get this whole choosing a career thing so wrong…?

It was about 7 years ago that I landed my dream job.

I had just moved away from home, to a new state, to start my brand new, big girl career as a Retail Analyst at one of the largest retailers in the world!

I was really thrilled about my new career because I had worked so hard for this in school and I absolutely could not wait to get started.

I was determined to be the best analyst they had ever seen, to climb the corporate career ladder, make a ton of money, and be super happy in my life.

That was my dream!

But what ended up happening… didn’t exactly go according to my plan.

Once I began my new job, I slowly started to discover that I wasn’t good at it.

It involved a lot more work with numbers than I had anticipated and this was definitely a weak point of mine. I’ve never been good at math or numbers for my whole life!

And so I watched as my peers were catching on to the work...

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