25 Powerful Career Mantras

Need something to keep you motivated when the job search gets you down?

Use these 25 Career Mantras to lift your spirits and your confidence!


Jess Smith Career Coaching

Hi, I'm Jess  👋

With my 4 years of experience in the recruiting world, I am passionate about helping you as a job seeker to finally get through the interview process and land a career that makes you feel happy, excited and fulfilled!

I was inspired to do this type of work after personally interviewing over 1,000 different candidates and seeing all of the little mistakes they made as they tried to get offers for their dream jobs. I couldn't help but think, if they only knew what I know... they would get so much further along in the process.

So now I'm here to share all of my best tricks and strategies.  I can't wait to get to know you!

"I had my doubts about working with a coach... Was it the right thing to do? Did I really have the financial resources to do this?

But my doubts were all immediately put to ease.

The skills and confidence that I gained through my coaching experience, not to mention my amazing new job, are the ultimate proof that Jess is the best!

I'm now in a role that is perfect for me and has all of the components that I was looking for in a position, including almost doubling my annual compensation package."

Megan Sterling
- currently living her dream career -

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25 Powerful Career Mantras

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