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Hey, I'm Jess :)

I am someone who worked crazy hard… just to end up in the wrong career.

Do you know the feeling? My thoughts were: “How could this have possibly happened???”

I felt embarrassed, ashamed and honestly quite miserable with where I had ended up. It was at this time that I picked myself up off of the floor (literally) and decided that I needed a new career.

Thankfully I discovered a strategy that I could use to get clear on what career I wanted and how to get it. It’s the same strategy that I teach my clients to use today.

Fast forward: I landed in my dream career, which happened to be in recruiting!

I got to interview over 1,000 individual candidates, look at tons of resumes, work behind the scenes with hiring teams and discover what it actually takes to get hired into an amazing job.

Today as a career coach, I use my recruiting insight + my love of discovering who people truly are to help job seekers identify their calling and land careers that they love by connecting with their inner power.

I’m obsessed with transforming my mind (and my client’s minds!) to believe that absolutely anything is possible.  In my free time I love to read fiction books, learn about the Enneagram, practice Tapping/EFT and enjoy the sun on my deck ☀️

Interested in seeing what it would be like to work on finding your dream career together?  Let's chat!!


What my amazing clients have to say about working with me...


"I recently accepted a dream job with a top company and Jess Smith Coaching was a big part of that success.  Jess is a gem and it will be an investment worth spending."


"I'm now in a role that is perfect for me and has all of the components that I was looking for in a position, including almost doubling my annual compensation package."

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