"After working with Jess I received an amazing offer at a company I'm excited about!! Jess helped me to gain the clarity that I needed to solidify my wants and needs in a job.

I will keep the clarity sessions that we had with me for the rest of my life.

Jess also helped keep my spirits up when I was in the dumps and her salary negotiation support helped me get to where I want to be from a financial standpoint.

Her help has been invaluable and I am so glad that I found her."

- Lynne McCarley, Inside Channel Account Manager

"Jess is a superstar, to put it mildly.  Even though I know for a fact Jess is busy, she has always made me feel like I am the ONLY client she is working with

Career consulting is pricey; however, the value of Jess Smith Coaching is unparalleled.

I recently accepted a dream job with a top company and Jess Smith Coaching was a big part of that success.  Aside from keeping me on track, Jess helped me unlock the belief in myself necessary to present my best self during the interview.

I would recommend Jess Smith Coaching to anyone looking to make a career transition or work toward a dream job. Jess is a gem and it will be an investment worth spending."

- Sean O'Connor, Corporate Recruiter

"Jess is awesome. She took a deep interest in getting to know me and, through her process, helped me better understand myself.

Her approach for finding career clarity is very well designed, but it is her kind and authentic delivery that really got me to open up and discover my personal themes. These themes now serve as the North Star for my career search. They guide my decisions and find their way into nearly all of my career-related conversations.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from Jess’s example is confident vulnerability (she’s a rockstar). Through her sessions and content, she helped me discover what I am, what I’m not, and to be comfortable with both. There is so much power and value in this self-realization.

Having invested in a mid-career sabbatical, it is incredibly important that the next step in my professional journey is thoughtful and intentional. Thanks to Jess’s coaching, it will be."

- Rick Boccard, Customer Success Evangelist

"When I first came to Jess for help, I was feeling desperate.  I was at a point that I needed help gaining career clarity and identifying what exactly I wanted out of my career.  Looking back, I’m glad I decided to invest in my future.

Jess has amazing energy, and she is the type of person that will ask you the right questions so you are able to decipher your own path.  Her structure really helped me draw the line to where I wanted to get to professionally.  She has excellent resources and she's always so willing to help.  

I’m happy to say that because of the time that I spent with Jess, I made it through the interview process at an amazing organization and landed a role within my desired career path.

If you're feeling a little lost or stuck within your career and are looking for guidance, I suggest you take a leap of faith just like I did and embark on this journey.  You will not regret it!"

- Roxy Morales-Velez, Compliance

Working with Jess was an absolute delight.  Her accuracy and professional knowledge is amazing.  She understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish and quickly created sessions tailored to my goals.  Her approach was clear and thorough, making it pleasant to work together.  From the few sessions we worked together on, I was able to develop a clear and strong sense of how to approach interview questions using past experiences.

Justin G.

Jess’s Career Calling Course was great, and working with Jess was fun! 

Jess provides insightful career advice that we can apply to our job search - I especially appreciated the module on mindset.  I’m excited to share I found a new job, with even more opportunities to come! 

Thank you, Jess, for all you do.


"If you are looking for a kind, caring, and passionate career coach, look no further than Jess!

Jess and I worked together in 2021 to help me get 'unstuck' in my career.  With a number of strategies, assessments, and positive guidance, Jess helped to breakdown fears and highlight areas for me to further explore.  She is consistent, motivational and has a wealth of knowledge within all aspects of the career journey. Bringing in her expertise from recruiting, she helps to clarify step by step the 'what, how, why, and where' to career clarity. I especially liked how organized she was, as there were many moving parts of the career exploration process.

Kudos to Jess, as she is definitely an asset for anyone that needs a job 'tune-up' or full-on career 'restoration'."

- Jarred Lyons, Product Manager

"From working with Jess, I achieved a focus and positivity that I previously didn't think possible. My job search went from being an emotional drain to being something exciting - the sky was the limit.

I'm now in a role that is perfect for me and has all of the components that I was looking for in a position, including almost doubling my annual compensation package.

I can't recommend Jess highly enough. I had my doubts about working with a coach - was it the right thing to do, did I really have the financial resources to do this - but they were all immediately put to ease. The skills and confidence that I gained through my coaching experience, not to mention my amazing new job, are the ultimate proof that Jess is the best!"

- Megan Sterling, Executive Director of Community Relations

"Working with Jess has allowed me to receive the clarity I needed! Prior to working with Jess, I was feeling very lost and confused, and came across her story while searching for a career coach on LinkedIn; it was the exact same thing I was going through! Just graduated college with a job I thought was for me, only for it to be not what I had expected and causing a lot of anxiety.

I contacted Jess and we got to work right away! I love her career coaching process, all the self reflection that was implemented into our sessions, and my favorite part was researching careers and doing the informational interviews!

Jess had suggested to look into UX Research and after some time spent researching and interviewing, it gave me the clarity I needed to move forward with this career path!

Now, I am excited looking and learning new ways to pivot into UX Research, as I feel it is best aligned with my passions and strengths! Thanks for all your help Jess! :) "

- Diana Ferreira, Audit Analyst

"At the latter half of 2021, I decided to find a career coach who could really help me to think through and gain clarity about where I am in my career and where I want to go moving forward. I am so glad and grateful that Jess was the coach I reached out to and worked with.

Jess was there and ready to support me from day 1!  Her clarity sessions helped me to critically assess what I have truly enjoyed doing with my work, but also to seek out areas that have been challenging and that I want to improve upon.  Jess was also a big help as I explored other public health areas of interest to me.  Her resources for networking were top-notch and guided me throughout our time working together.

On top of this, Jess has a great personality which makes her so enjoyable to work with as a coach.  She is supportive, encouraging, inquisitive, thoughtful, kind, and an overall great person.  Many thanks to Jess for all of her guidance and support."

- Kathryna Corpuz, Public Health

Jess is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in career coaching!  She is knowledgeable in resume writing, networking tips and overall job search techniques. I would highly recommend anyone to Jess and her expertise!

Stacie R.

During our first call, Jess actively listened to what I wanted to work on at this stage in my career.  She suggested a session on vision clarity, exactly what I needed.  No pressure of any other services.  After our session, I walked away feeling lighter and most importantly, excited for the future. 

I would highly recommend working with Jess.

Valerie M.

Working with Jess was great! I was struggling with a particular issue related to my job search. We talked and she really help me work through the tactical steps and shift my mindset around it! She was very easy to talk with and helped me to overcome where I was hitting a wall.

Dave H.

"Jess is the best!  After working with Jess for just a couple of months (during a pandemic by the way), I was offered my dream job.

She helped me during the whole process — from resume building, interview prep, to reaching out and networking — it was an absolute pleasure.

Additionally, she provides support whenever needed.  I specifically needed help with my follow-up messages and her help was incredibly valuable during my job search."

- Mary Mehrkens, Communications Design / Writer

"Jess was absolutely amazing. As I was applying for positions at technology companies for sales roles, I needed help with my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Jess managed all of those with extreme professionalism.

She consulted with me on my past, and then point-by-point helped me with not just perfecting my resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter, but also how best to network with potential employers and articulate my relevant experience for the positions I was applying for.

Thank you Jess - I would recommend her to anyone looking to update their profile to perfection."

- Arjun Malhotra, Strategic Account Manager

"I worked with Jess in preparation for my upcoming interviews. She helped build my confidence and knowledge of how to handle questions.

I'm happy to report that I got a job offer in the middle of a pandemic and the company was so impressed that they created an entirely new role for me and will be paying me more than was originally discussed."

- Shana Fig, Product Manager

"Working with a career coach turned out to be one of the best decisions that I've ever made. Working with Jess was an absolute joy! I really could not have asked for a more kinder, caring and laid back person to help me relax in taking on the most pivotal interview of my career.

Her personality combined with her previous experience as a recruiter and her very meticulous program was just the thing that I needed to help me relax and feel more confident. The way she structured her program was very intuitive and easily digestible. The materials that she had me work through helped me to be more succinct with my answers while also bringing out the best of my personality. Her previous work experience as a recruiter was not only very insightful but the very reason why I was able to feel more confident in my answers and spend less time in my head. 

And probably the most instrumental thing that we worked on throughout the entire process, was some day-of tips that really helped me to relax and stay out of my head during the actual interview. Those tips really helped me to be able to take all of the amazing insights that Jess had provided, remain relaxed enough to remember them all and to be able to bring them out when it counted most.

If you're looking for someone to bring out the best version of you, look no further. Jess really is the full package! I can honestly say that I owe the majority of my performance and the fact that I ended up getting my dream job to Jess and her program. If you're someone who possibly struggles with interview anxiety and is looking for a way to overcome that to land your dream job, there is no one better to help you realize that goal than Jess."

- Michael Viglia, Assistant Dispatcher

Are you ready for results like these in your career?

Get the tools you need for career search success!


I participated in Jess's Career Calling Course and found it valuable in ways I didn't even expect. Not only did Jess provide lots of advice and actionable steps to take on all stages of the job search from resume building to the offer process, she also covered how to get in a positive mindset and handle the inherent frustration and doubt that comes with a job search. 

No other career resource I've used has addressed this piece of the process and it is so important! Learning how to ward off negativity has helped keep me motivated to stick with it.

Courtney H.

I attended The Career Calling Summit organized by Jess where she interviewed many different career coaches. I have really enjoyed listening to the interviews not only because of useful tips given by the coaches but most importantly because of Jess. She has a gift of asking questions and going deep with helping people.

Jess is extremely knowledgeable and can answer all of the questions that any job seeker would have - answering all the doubts ranging from trivial questions to complex networking dilemmas.

Veena S.

Jess is incredibly perceptive and insightful. Her gentle, compassionate approach makes it safe and so much more possible for me to dive into the stuff that isn't working for me and shift it. I have felt so supported and held in our work together. She's helped me lift myself back up in low moments and spur me on to greater heights when things were going well. She is a gem! I highly recommend her!

Stacy S.

"My experience working with Jess was absolutely fantastic. Jess took the time to understand how she could best support me, challenge when appropriate, and encourage me to think outside the box relative to my career pursuits.

This was an incredibly personalized experience and one that helped me grow professionally but also personally.

If you’re looking for someone to support your next career move I highly recommend working with Jess - you won’t be disappointed!"

- Adam Simmons, Customer Success

"Jess is a phenomenal human, and I’m incredibly grateful our paths crossed when they did. Not only was I navigating a job search process during a global pandemic, but I was also exploring a career pivot and felt alone.

Pivoting into a new industry is overwhelming and can often feel isolating. I knew I needed someone by my side, but I remained hesitant on working with a career coach -- it was a significant investment, and I needed to find a coach who’d best fit my needs.

When I discovered Jess, I had a feeling that she was THE ONE. I clearly recall reviewing Jess’ LinkedIn page and feeling validated as I read her ‘About Me’ section. She seemed so authentic, and I knew I couldn’t miss an opportunity to schedule a brief introduction call with her.

During our conversation, Jess focused on what I shared and carefully read in between the lines. She wasn’t distracted or condescending (qualities I had previously navigated with a different coach). It is safe to say that active listening is one of her greatest strengths. Her ability to make one feel heard, seen, and validated is unparalleled.

Jess was a positive light during my job search process. She provided support and encouragement when I needed it the most. I successfully pivoted into tech, accepting a position at Microsoft as a Business Operations Program Manager. Jess was an invaluable resource, and I cannot recommend her more highly."

- Sydney Magana, Business Operations Program Manager

"Working with Jess changed the way I looked for jobs and helped boost my confidence. I started to get excited about looking for a job along with putting in the time and effort to prepare for my interviews. 

Her work also helped me change my daily view on life.  I became more positive and instead of getting overwhelmed and frustrated I took things one step at a time.

Jess showed me if I open myself up to opportunities they will find me. And that's exactly what happened. I now have an awesome new job that I hand-picked to be aligned with what I want in my career."

- Jenny Romano, Learning Coordinator

"In my career, I always struggled with interviewing. I would develop a strong sense of anxiety over the unknowns of, "What questions will they ask me?".  When it came time to interview for my dream job, the one that I have been hoping to have the opportunity to get for years, I knew I needed help. Jess ended up being that perfect help.

First, the preparation materials that Jess sent were the perfect way to prep for the interview, including how to come up with those career stories that I'd have so much anxiety over. 

Then, when we met face-to-face, Jess was incredibly insightful into how any particular story would come across to an interviewer, stemming from her experience herself as a recruiter. This helped fine-tune the stories to the point where I felt much more comfortable with my ability to tell the story I would need to when the time came.

We were then able to tackle other areas of struggle - namely, how I would present myself.  I followed several of Jess' recommendations day-of for getting into the right mindset for the interview (which is a huge aspect of it) and simply be comfortable and not riddled with anxiety as was my previous experience.

Overall, I give Jess a significant amount of credit for my performance in the interviews, and, in the end, I got the job!  Jess' insight and experience into exactly what an employer is looking for will help you get the job that you've always wanted and is something I can speak for myself.  Highly recommend to anyone, from those who have struggled to interview, to those who simply think they could use another opinion."

- Alex Pentz, Flight Dispatcher

"Working with Jess on my resume was right to the point.  She was able to translate my experience to my resume in a way that would make sense to my target company.  We worked closely together, reviewing every bullet point and word to make sure that they would grab attention and stand out from the crowd!"

- Vitaly Makarkin, Salesforce Consultant / Business Analyst

What a blessing to meet and connect with such a delightful being.  Jess carries so many qualities of leadership that she provides professional guidance and feedback that keeps me growing out of my comfort zone (to new heights!). Every time I connect with Jess, I feel heard and understood, and that she really cares. 

Jess has such a delightful way in supporting me in my growth to the next level in life that I feel that she has really been there for me. She opened my heart to new possibilities I never knew existed for me.  As the career coach that showed me to be the best version of myself that I get to be, there is no one better.  Jess is the best.

Mike S.

The brink of a new livelihood and the pursuit of something more is a delicate place to be, and Jess is THE person to have there with you.  She is committed to the success of her clients in the most important ways.

In working with Jess, her honesty, devotion, and passion is clear.  She delivers hard truths and honest advice in a way that lands softly and effectively.  Her method is comprehensive and thorough, a format that makes me feel I am supported in every step. 

Her earnest desire for my success is paired with expertise and practicality that both assures me, and ensures I am making the right moves to secure a new career.  Put simply, working with Jess is the best investment you can make for your future.

Dori A.

"As I transitioned from nursing student to the working field I felt lost on how to make my resume shine. I didn’t know what to say or how to prepare for interviews.

Jess helped me make my resume one of a kind by highlighting my work & volunteerism.  She ensured it included everything I wanted on my resume and didn’t finish until the product was beyond perfect!

Jess also coached me through the interview process - her help taught me how to be the best me during the dreaded interviews, allowing me to stay calm.   Jess made me go from being extremely nervous about the transition to being confident and ready to handle any interview thrown my way.

Her ability to work with me and encourage me to shoot for the stars paid off. Her advice and wisdom was more than I could have ever imagined. I wholeheartedly believe that Jess’s help and dedication truly made the difference in me getting my dream job!"

- Sonja Barthel, Nurse

"Jess's expertise and ability to provide practical, substantive insights and strategies for all aspects of the search process was a tremendous asset.  Her experience as a seasoned recruiter enhanced my resume by providing it with clarity and cleaner formatting.

One of her greatest contributions was doing a recorded practice interview with me.  The sample questions she asked closely mirrored some of the actual interview questions I received.  I was well prepared and confident in my responses as a result. 

The investment I made with Jess was time and money extremely well spent. I would strongly suggest working with Jess to anyone considering a change or who has already the started the process."

- Chris Barry, Industry Advisor

"Jess is amazing! She was helpful with tackling self-limiting biases, which were holding me back from pursuing roles I wanted to.

She has a knack for identifying your strengths and honing in on those throughout your career, regardless of what stage.

10/10 would recommend!"

- Neeni Nagaraj, Talent Acquisition 


- Dave Hanna, Logistics Coordinator

"If you were driving and took a wrong turn, you most likely would seek to get back on track by turning to your trusty GPS. When it comes to gaining clarity in your career search, Jess is an amazing resource who will help you find your way.

In working with Jess I found an amazing coach who challenged me to discover career passions I did not even realize were there. Her methods provide practical and actionable steps for you to dig past your comfort zone with her full support throughout the entire ride. I am grateful to have not only gained a coach in Jess but also a trusted ally in my career going forward."

- Bernard Angeles, Talent Acquisition Partner