"From working with Jess, I achieved a focus and positivity that I previously didn't think possible. My job search went from being an emotional drain to being something exciting - the sky was the limit.

I'm now in a role that is perfect for me and has all of the components that I was looking for in a position, including almost doubling my annual compensation package.

I can't recommend Jess highly enough. I had my doubts about working with a coach - was it the right thing to do, did I really have the financial resources to do this - but they were all immediately put to ease. The skills and confidence that I gained through my coaching experience, not to mention my amazing new job, are the ultimate proof that Jess is the best!"

Megan Sterling
Currently living her dream job


Working with Jess was great! I was struggling with a particular issue related to my job search. We talked and she really help me work through the tactical steps and shift my mindset around it! She was very easy to talk with and helped me to overcome where I was hitting a wall.


Jess’s Career Calling Course was great, and working with Jess was fun!  Jess provides insightful career advice that we can apply to our job search - I especially appreciated the module on mindset.  I’m excited to share I found a new job with even more opportunities to come!  Thank you, Jess, for all you do.


What a blessing to meet and connect with such a delightful being.  Jess carries so many qualities of leadership that she provides professional guidance and feedback that keeps me growing out of my comfort zone (to new heights!). Every time I connect with Jess, I feel heard and understood, and that she really cares.  Jess has such a delightful way in supporting me in my growth to the next level in life that I feel that she has really been there for me. She opened my heart to new possibilities I never knew existed for me.  As the career coach that showed me to be the best version of myself that I get to be, there is no one better.  Jess is the best.


"Jess was absolutely amazing. As I was applying for positions at technology companies for sales roles, I needed help with my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Jess managed all those with extreme professionalism.

She consulted with me on my past, and then point-by-point helped me with not just perfecting resume, LinkedIn and cover letter, but also how best to network with potential employers and articulate my relevant experience for the positions I was applying for.

Thank you Jess - I would recommend her to anyone looking to update their profile to perfection."

Arjun Malhotra
Career Seeker

Jess is incredibly perceptive and insightful. Her gentle, compassionate approach makes it safe and so much more possible for me to dive into the stuff that isn't working for me and shift it. I have felt so supported and held in our work together. She's helped me lift myself back up in low moments and spur me on to greater heights when things were going well. She is a gem! I highly recommend her!


I participated in Jess's Career Calling Course and found it valuable in ways I didn't even expect. Not only did Jess provide lots of advice and actionable steps to take on all stages of the job search from resume building to the offer process, she also covered how to get in a positive mindset and handle the inherent frustration and doubt that comes with a job search. No other career resource I've used has addressed this piece of the process and it is so important! Learning how to ward off negativity has helped keep me motivated to stick with it.


I attended The Career Calling Summit organized by Jess where she interviewed many different career coaches. I have really enjoyed listening to the interviews not only because of useful tips given by the coaches but most importantly because of Jess. She has a gift of asking questions and going deep with helping people.

Jess is extremely knowledgeable and can answer all of the questions that any job seeker would have - answering all the doubts ranging from trivial questions to complex networking dilemmas.


"Working with Jess changed the way I looked for jobs and helped boost my confidence. I started to get excited about looking for a job along with putting in the time and effort to prepare for my interviews. 

Her work also helped me change my daily view on life.  I became more positive and instead of getting overwhelmed and frustrated I took things one step at a time. 

Jess showed me if I open myself up to opportunities they will find me. And that's exactly what happened. I now have an awesome new job that I hand picked to be aligned with what I want in my career."

Jenny Romano
Currently living her dream career!

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