I'm here to help you discover your calling and land a career that you love by connecting with your inner power


Hi, I'm Jess

With my 4 years of experience in the recruiting world, I am passionate about helping you as a job seeker to finally get through the interview process and land a career that makes you feel happy, excited and fulfilled!

I was inspired to do this type of work after personally interviewing over 1,000 different candidates and seeing all of the little mistakes they made as they tried to get offers for their dream jobs. I couldn't help but think, if they only knew what I know... they would get so much further along in the process.

So now I'm here to share all of my best tricks and strategies.  I can't wait to get to know you!

"Working with Jess changed the way I looked for jobs and helped boost my confidence. I became more positive and instead of getting overwhelmed and frustrated, I took things one step at a time.

Jess showed me that if I open myself up to opportunities they will find me. And that's exactly what happened. I now have an awesome new job that I hand picked to be aligned with what I want in my career."

Jenny R.
- currently living her dream career -

Interviewing can feel kind of weird...

Interviewing via video can be even weirder.

The key to crushing your interview is always preparation.

When it comes to interviewing remotely, this still holds true... but the preparation looks a little different than it does with a traditional in person interview.

Check out our free Guide to Remote Interviewing Prep to make sure you're not forgetting anything!

FREE Guide to Remote Interviewing Prep

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