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Reprogram your Mind & Body for Lasting Confidence & Business Success

Somatic Inner Healing for Entrepreneurs
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Imagine waking up on a Tuesday morning with butterflies of excitement in your chest,
knowing you get to work on your business today and feeling so proud
of how consistent you’ve been in showing up to build your vision.

You've stopped procrastinating and trying to make everything perfect and it feels easy now to sit down at your desk in the morning with your cup of coffee and get to work.

You've stopped caring what people think of you and shamelessly promote your business that you know makes a big difference for people.

You actually have boundaries in your life & biz that allow you to be comfortable saying NO to unaligned people & opportunities so you can say YES to recharging your batteries because you know you are most efficient and produce the best content & client results when you’re well rested & cared for.

You've let go of people pleasing and trying to make everyone feel okay and are finally boldly speaking your truth in your content and lovingly delivering hard truths to your clients that you know will radically shift their lives.

You feel a deep sense of self trust - there’s no need to look to others for your answers because you know who you are and you know what you’re doing.

Things are easy.
Running your business is fun.
Your relationships are thriving.


This can 100% be you, but I’ll tell you a secret…

No business strategy is going to
help you create this.

It needs to be generated from within.


Radiant Self Belief is for entrepreneurs who want to deepen their confidence and self-trust so they can grow their businesses with ease, be the main character of their own life, and put themselves first without the feelings of guilt. 

You’re in the right place if…
  • You get high off of approval from others - that dopamine hit when someone tells you you’re right or you’ve done a good job is what you’ve been living for and you’d love to let go of this addiction and instead of seeking validation from everyone around you, you’d love to start validating yourself 

  • You get caught in wanting everything in your business to be perfect and you spend tons of time and energy tweaking little things like your website or graphics or the lighting in your video instead of just doing the damn thing and getting it out there into the world

  • You’ve got an inner critic that loves to ask you, “Are you sure about that??” and you’re often second guessing things like which program to promote next or if it’s really the right time to make the next hire on your team.  What you really want is to deeply trust yourself to make these decisions and to be consistent in executing them.

  • You have tried traditional methods like therapy, self help books, law of attraction/manifestation and made some progress… but still aren’t where you want to be with your mindset.

You’re a high achiever and you’ve done well for yourself.  But you don’t just want good…

You want excellent and you’re ready to step into your next level of being the leader of your life & business where you hop on live videos fully trusting that the right words will come out of your mouth, you boldly ask for collaboration opportunities with the top industry leaders of your space, and you feel rock solid in charging high ticket prices.


In Radiant Self Belief, we're going to work on

3 main things:

1. Empowering you with somatic tools to powerfully move through your emotions

Even as a high level entrepreneur, fleeting moments of self doubt, disappointment, and nervousness are going to pop up for you - it’s part of the journey!  These tools are going to help you in moments like feeling nervous before a speaking gig, being intimidated by your entrepreneur peers, or when a client has difficult feedback for you, to name a few.  You’ll have the ability to feel your feelings without getting swept away and use the tools to come back to your higher self that KNOWS you’ve got this.

2. Identifying your top mindset blocks and reprogramming your brain for success 

Because you’ve already been working on your mindset, you’re probably aware of a pattern you’re still running that isn’t supporting the advancement of your business. Maybe you’re people pleasing and taking on projects that you don’t actually want, maybe you’re afraid of being seen at a bigger level and hiding your authentic self, maybe you’re afraid that if you were to be making more money that you would be totally exhausted and burnt out.

All of these patterns stem from childhood experiences and can be reprogrammed to no longer be barriers anymore.  In this program we will use advanced somatic tools to reprogram your specific and nuanced childhood wounds so that you are free to move forward with confidence and ease.

We will be using my signature STEP forward framework to help you make a lasting uplevel in your confidence and self assurance so that you can finally take the actions in your business that will bring you the dream clients, the abundance of money, the mind blowing opportunities and the spacious freedom that you’ve been craving.

3. Embodying your new empowered mindset

You can theorize about mindset work all day long, but in order to strengthen your new neural pathways that say “It’s safe to be seen”, “It’s safe to say no”, “It’s safe for me to get it wrong”, you’ve got to take action.

This is where you get to implement what you are learning and collect new evidence for the empowered beliefs you are cultivating. Practicing operating from your new perspective makes it easier and easier for you to show up as the powerful, confident leader that you know you get to be in order to grow your biz. My clients often get to a point where they say: “Wow, I can’t believe this was an issue before!”

Radiant Self Belief is for you if you've already got a business strategy in place, you've made some $$$, and you know that healing your mindset blocks/traumas is the gateway to the next level of your vision.

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“This program was more powerful for me than therapy ever was”


Various clients have shared this sentiment after completing Radiant Self Belief.

Therapy does an excellent job of opening the door of our awareness so that we can finally see all of the subconscious patterns that have been dictating our lives and the results that we get in our businesses, but oftentimes understanding where we are blocked still isn’t enough to make a difference in shifting the block.

Inside of Radiant Self Belief we’re not just going to be talking about your mindset blocks and childhood wounds - we are going to be using EFT Tapping, a scientifically proven methodology, to literally reprogram your brain.

Here’s a quick example: If your brain is currently telling you that “it’s not safe to be seen” and that’s what’s preventing you from showing up authentically online, we are going to re-write that story so that your brain can believe that it IS safe to be seen.

This type of reprogramming will change the way that you show up in your business forever.

This is for you if: 

  • You know what you’re supposed to be doing strategically from the business coaching you’ve invested in and yet you’re having a hard time fully executing that strategy because you'd rather avoid the parts of it that are outside your comfort zone.

  • You’ve spent your whole life following the rules, doing what you were told, being a good girl and now you’re ready to break free of these chains - you want to discover what it’s like to govern yourself, to be free from everyone else’s opinion and simply do what you want to do

  • Even minor conflict with others makes you squirm and you know that this inability to have difficult conversations with clients/team members/partners/etc is limiting the growth of your business

  • You want to start putting your own wants and needs first without feeling guilty or that you are harming others in the process - imagine actually being able to say NO to opportunities and people that aren’t aligned with your vision.

  • Logically you know that you’re inherently worthy, but in your heart it still doesn’t feel totally true and you’d love to love yourself as deeply as you love everyone around you

This is not for you if: 

  • You haven’t done any personal development work in the past (coaching, therapy, self help books, etc) - this program is a personal development deep dive and will require your willingness to be vulnerable & open

  • You are just dipping your toes in entrepreneurship or are still trying to figure out what your business is all about

  • You aren’t prepared to take an honest look at where you are getting in your own way and you’re not ready to take radical personal responsibility for the results you’ve generated so far in your business


"I started working with Jess a few months ago and after just one session I could see and feel a difference in how I was showing up in my business. My results have only sky-rocketed since then in both my business and my personal life.

I secured the highest grossing revenue month to date in February, and just a few weeks later more than doubled my coaching package price with ease and confidence and zero drama, WOW! I'm having fun in my business for the first time and don't feel obligated to say yes to clients or opportunities out of fear that I won't make money. Instead, working with Jess has allowed me to confidently say no to opportunities that are not in alignment, and say no to money without fear that it won't come back to me; I trust and know that money will 1,000% come back to me!

Jess has freed me from thinking that it's hard to make money and I KNOW it can be easy AND fun because I'm watching it happen. If you're ready to run your business and stop having it run your life, work with Jess, you won't regret it."

- Andrea Yacub Macek, Career Coach

This program has given me so much more confidence in the way that I post online and I don't second guess myself as much anymore.

We were able to work through my feeling cringy and embarrassed promoting my business and I have come out the other side with a lot more positivity towards showing up online and being visible. I just post now and I have a lot more confidence and freedom which feels a million times better than running your business with fear.

My leads have increased exponentially because I have finally stepped into posting regularly and have found my authentic voice. During this program I was also able to 4x my program prices and generate my first $5,000 month!

I'm so glad that I took the opportunity to do this work with Jess because it really has transformed the way that I view my business and the way that I now handle bumps in the road when they come up in my business.

I loved every minute of working with Jess.

- Kelsey Wat, Career Coach


"Working with Jess helped me uncover limiting beliefs that I didn't even know I was holding onto! 

She creates such a comfortable, trusting environment that makes it easy to communicate and discover what was holding me back. There is a world of difference in my life from the day we began our tapping sessions to today. I feel like a whole new person and that has led to amazing success in my business. 

My blogs monthly readers are 4x higher since I began working with her and they continue to increase. It takes me much less time to complete a blog post because I have been able to let go of my need for perfectionism and imposter syndrome. Which also means I am seeing my business grow so much more quickly than I thought possible

Mindset really is everything in business, and tapping with Jess has been a total game-changer for my business success!"

- Courtney Newton, Travel Blogger

Highlight Breakthrough Moment: 

  • Realizing that there is nothing wrong with her 🧡

Most Proud of Herself for: 

  • “Letting go of self beat up and the amount of compassion that I’ve been able to show myself.  My thought patterns are so different now.”

Courtney’s WINS from the program: 

  • No longer obsessing over checking her work for errors, she trusts that it’s good enough and moves onto creating the next thing (Letting go of perfectionism)
  • Let go of feeling inferior to other entrepreneur peers in her coaching program and is now celebrating her own wins & progress publicly
  • Trusted herself enough to make a large investment in a business retreat to grow her travel blog as well as hiring support to grow her business more rapidly
  • Identified a specific body sensation she experiences every time she’s not speaking her truth - now using it as a signal to speak up and use her voice
  • No longer experiencing “anxiety days” where she’s unable to be productive - now confident in her ability to use Tapping to soothe any anxious feelings that pop up
  • Comfortable creating and enforcing her boundaries in business & personal life
  • Busted through her procrastination habits that were linked to a fear of success - her content production speed has increased exponentially and she’s no longer sabotaging herself when her business starts to gain momentum

Check out Courtney’s Adventure Travel Blog here!

"I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, and yet, there are times when I still struggle with self-doubt. I’m ready to take my business to the next level but I’ve been avoiding some of the very things that would get me there. That’s when I found, Jess.

She helped me to identify what was holding me back and then helped me to release it! Within hours of one of our sessions, I was taking action on something I had been avoiding for months. Thanks to Jess, I’m back in the driver’s seat of my business."

- Molly Purvines, Empowerment Coach

"As a singer, I had a limiting belief about how I would always earn more money from in-person performances than my online offerings.

The day after working with Jess to clear this belief, I was offered an amazing opportunity to work with a massive online audience making far more than I ever have for a single in person event. So thankful for her expertise in helping me to grow my business with ease and flow!"

- April Ebeling, Entrepreneur & Creator of SingalongSwitch

I recently had the privilege of working with Jess, and her impact on my life has been nothing short of transformative. 

Before starting these sessions, I found myself struggling with procrastination, a lingering sense of unworthiness, and a fear of success that hindered my personal and professional growth, ultimately putting me in a business standstill. 

The safe and nurturing space that Jess created helped me uncover the underlying reasons behind these challenges and deep-rooted fears.  I now embrace my emotions without self-judgment and have learned to treat myself with loving kindness while empowering myself to take action toward the life of my dreams.

As a result of our sessions, I've experienced a renewed sense of self-discovery and excitement to propel my business to the next level. 

If you are on the fence about investing in this program, I wholeheartedly recommend Jess to anyone seeking profound personal or professional growth.  The results are proven and worth it!"

- Kadi Jayne, Travel Blogger

"Before working with Jess I knew getting backlinks and guest posting opportunities was an integral part of growing my website.

But it wasn't until going through only 1 or 2 sessions that I was finally able to take the first step in reaching out. I now regularly find opportunities with ease and actually enjoy it.

I also now have a much clearer vision of how I want to create my business and the steps to take to get there. Jess has helped me gain confidence in my decision making process which has freed me to make real, measurable progress with my website and make meaningful connections with fellow travel bloggers."

- Kelie F., Travel Blogger

Highlight Breakthrough Moment: 

  • Realizing I don't need permission for every decision I make about my goals and business journey.

Most Proud of Herself for: 

  • “Seeing myself as an entrepreneur and trusting my decisions to create my business the way I see fit.”

Kelie’s WINS from the program: 

  • Overcame fear of outreach to go from 0 to 17 collaboration and guest posting opportunities
  • Massive progress on her ability to trust herself & her decision making
  • Increased confidence and communication skills
  • Feeling more motivated and clear on her business goals and next steps
  • Building confidence to be visible online
  • The stress headaches that she used to get often have almost disappeared
  • Confident in her ability to use Tapping on her own to move herself through her emotions
  • Hired support to grow her business more rapidly
  • Increased trust in listening to and following her intuition as an entrepreneur
  • Trusted herself enough to book an extended solo trip in her dream country 

Check out Kelie’s Ireland Travel Blog here!

"I’ve always been intrigued by tapping but never experienced full sessions before. In my time with Jess, we worked on my dreadful habit of procrastination. I THOUGHT I knew where it came from, but each round of tapping I experienced a deeper awareness and an expanding sense of compassion and grace for myself.

Not only did she masterfully guide me on an emotional and spiritual journey, but we ended with a very strategic plan and the BEST accountability coach I could have asked for. I met (and in some ways) exceeded my goal…even EARLY! Thank you, Jess."

- Wendi McKenna, Parenting & Leadership Coach



For entrepreneurs wanting to reprogram their mind & body for lasting confidence and business success.


One payment of $3,650


Four monthly payments of $999

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About Your Coach


Hi beautiful - I’m Jess!  As an inner healing guide, I'm here to empower entrepreneurs like you to reprogram your mind & body for extraordinary business success.

Personal development and inner healing work have always been a deep passion of mine and I firmly believe that success starts from within.  You can have the best business strategy in the world, but if your mindset is not aligned with executing it, you may never unlock your full potential.

As a certified EFT Tapping Practitioner, I use this powerful somatic tool to help my clients unearth and dismantle their inner barriers, such as the fear of failure, overthinking, the need for external validation, and perfectionism (to name a few!).  Together, we replace these inner blocks with radiant self confidence and trust, enabling you to step into the role of the dynamic leader your business needs to thrive.

My mission is to support entrepreneurs in growing from the inside out.  Because the truth is, that your business can only grow as much as you do 🧡